Do you feel tired? Do you have irregular menses? Are you stressed out? How about PMS? Are you low on energy? Early menopause? Low sex drive? If the answer is YES to any of the above questions then there is a good chance that your hormonal system out of balance?

Ever laugh or cry or get mad or get hungry? That's your hormones hard at work.

Phytohormones are as the name implies plant derived building blocks that your body can use to rapidly create any hormone that your body needs. These substances also called phytosterols are vital to a healthy balanced endocrine or hormonal system. These are not hormones; instead phytosterols are nutrients your body must have so it can support a biological function that occurs naturally in every person in this world called hormonal system modulation.

Hormones are chemical substances produced by an organ or cells of an organ in one part of your body, when you eat foods or supplements that contain these essential nutrients


called phytosterols your body uses these nutrients to produce the hormones it requires. This is a natural process and there is no synthetic drug or supplement that can mimic this process.

The major problem for people in westernized cultures is that we do not get enough of these essential nutrients from our current food intake and it is becoming more difficult, not to mention all the factors that interfere with this process.

Men + women should consume 30-50 mg of thesephytosterol plant foods daily

On average we only get 2 – 4 mg per day, that is less then 10% of what you must have to balance your body’s hormonal system. Hormones can affect many vital functions in your body. That's why keeping your hormones in their proper balance is essential to your health and the way you live.

Here is something you should know:
Hormones' Responsibility

Your hormonal system is responsible for many functions, such asconverting calories to energy, supporting the efficient burning of fat, recovering from stress, regulating your heart beat, producing adrenalin, assisting your lungs to process oxygen, regulating your cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, decreasing inflammatory conditions in your systems and stabilizing cell DNA.

That is just a portion of what your hormonal system is responsible for. You can see how vitally important a proper balanced hormonal system is to your health and well being. When your system is out of balance, the results can be disastrous. It is now recognized that many health conditions such as chronic fatigue, PMS, insomnia, frequent illness, etc. are related to imbalanced adrenal hormone output and reserve.

Many physical problems, such as obesity, high cholesterol, PMS, depression, lack of energy, and premature aging can be traced to hormonal irregularities. There are far too many functions to list that your


(endocrine) hormonal system is responsible for. What is causing this imbalance in our hormonal systems? When the body is under stress, we tend to produce more and more cortisol. Over time we enter a phase called “pregnenolone steal” in which our body is stealing pregnenolone away from its normal hormone production in preference of cortisol. Eventually the stimulus on our adrenal gland for stress hormone production (cortisol) is so great that our adrenal gland begins to weaken. Over time, this scenario leads to adrenal fatigue and eventually adrenal exhaustion. In the adrenal exhaustion phase we have lost our ability to compensate for acute stressful events and we are left feeling fatigued, lethargic, and susceptible to chronic illness.

Many factors in today’s world create imbalances in our foods and cause nutritional deficiencies of specific nutrients.

Loss of Sterols

Naturally occurring levels of these phytosterol nutrients vary greatly in the food sources that we eat. Compounding the problems of supplying enough nutrients to maintain health!

Your body is constantly under attack with the various toxins in our environment, such as DDT, herbicides and pesticides. Peoples stress levels are through the roof (causing you to go into the fight or flight syndrome which utilizes your production of hormones)

DHEA is the prohormone from which the sex hormones are made. When we are in our 20’s our bodies are peaking with DHEA in order to ensure the maximum potential for procreation. As we age, the production of DHEA becomes increasingly limited because there is less of a need to procreate.

In order to make these important hormones by supplying your body the resources it requires called phytosterols, your body first makes an early version known as the "mother hormone" called DHEA. It is the most abundant hormone in your body when you are young. DHEA has been studied by medical researchers extensively over the past 25 years. They have actually published over 40,000 articles in medical journals about DHEA. The scientists have found that your body makes about 30 mg per day of DHEA when you are 25 years of age, but then the amount declines as you get older. When you're 75 years of age your body makes only about 5 mg per day.

It is so critical that you consume a higher amount of these phytosterol plant foods because of the nutrient losses in our foods and current diet and especially as you get older so that your body can increase its production of this DHEA hormone naturally.

With low levels of these essential nutrients your body can not keep up with the production of hormones you require to obtain or maintain optimal hormonal health. By supplying these essential phytosterol plant foods your body can produce this "mother hormone" called DHEA naturally no matter what age you are!

These issues along with others put an extra demand on your body to produce more hormones.

Picture yourself going to the cupboard to get ingredients to bake a cake. You only have 2 cups of flour but you need three, your cake will not turn out very well.

The demand on your body is the same thing, your system kicks in and goes to the stores to access more hormones, yet when it gets there the cupboard is empty. As you age and get older your body produces less DHEA compounding the problem more and more.

Hormones are involved in just about every biological process: immune function, reproduction, and growth, even controlling other hormones.

So with an increased demand and having a lack of precursors to produce hormones required to function normally your health starts to decline.

DHEA levels are determined by four factors: chronological age, genetic predisposition, stress, and diet. People at the age of 30 can have DHEA levels of a 50 year old or, through phytosterol supplementation, a 50 year old can have the DHEA levels of someone 30 years of age. This seems to be why some people experience degenerative disease earlier than others.

Less DHEA to go Around as we Age


It is extremely difficult if not next to impossible to get enough phytohormones in your diet because the demand for these nutrients by your body continues to rise due to the toxins, stress levels, environmental issues, aging etc...

What can you do?

If you want to live a long and healthy life, then you must be willing to take full responsibility for your personal health well being.

There are two ways to balance your hormonal system:

1. Through drugs (HRT)
     --- Or ---
2. Through your diet (the foods and supplements that you eat)

Steroid drugs and hormone therapy are available from physicians. You can get a prescription for most hormones and some are available over the counter. Unfortunately, all synthetic hormones and steroids have damaging side effects.

There are the risks of using (HRT) hormone replacement therapy! For some women, hormone therapy may increase their chances of getting blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, and gall bladder disease. For a woman with a uterus, estrogen increases her chance of getting endometrial cancer (cancer of the uterine lining).

Phytosterols, on the other hand, are natural substances in plants that are very similar to hormones or hormone precursors. They are a safe and non-toxic blend of plant-based phytoestrogens and steroidal saponins and amino acids.

When humans eat plant foods like phytosterols, they are digested and then converted by your body’s endocrine system into natural hormones. They are not hormones, they are food (resources) that your body uses to convert to hormones it requires to function normally.

By having the right level of phytosterols in your diet they allow your body to function at a normal level which in turn has a wide range of beneficial effects ranging from anti-inflammatory and cholesterol reducing effects to immune modulating activity. Our bodies have a mechanism for modulation and balancing, and when given the necessary nutrients and building blocks, the body becomes able to regulate the hormones from within.

When ingested, these phytosterols provide the essential nutrients your body requires to naturally balance your hormone system and restore your body to its optimal functioning level without causing a further imbalance in the hormones.

Remember, phytosterols are not hormones, they are naturally occuring plant phytochemicals that are essential to your health!

I See That I Need Phytosterols. What Can I Do?

As we have seen from the biochemical pathway, phytosterols provide the ‘food’ for first pregnenolone, then progesterone and DHEA. Although there are probably 1000 plants on Earth that contain phytosterols, dioscorea is the best plant source that the body can utilize to create pro-hormones. Dioscorea is the scientific name for yam.

However, if you decide to eat a lot of yams, you won’t increase your DHEA or progesterone levels. You need Dioscorea villosa or Mexican Wild Yam. But even if you buy the right Dioscorea, you still need to have a standardized quantity of sterols for the body to convert. Eating dioscorea villosa by itself is about as good as eating oregano; you’ll just digest it. As you can see, it is also important to have a beta sitosterol supplement. It’s best to find both in the same supplement!

The more DHEA there is in your body, the more other hormones can your body can produce. As DHEA levels decrease, hormone production decreases and health breakdown occurs with a wide variety of symptoms. You need a natural food plant based blend which features the wild Mexican yam extract (dioscorea).

By supplying this concentrated dietary supplement to your body it will provide the nutrients as a precursor to produce DHEA, a natural hormone that is produced by your adrenal glands. In so doing your body has what it requires so your hormonal system can function the way it is designed to do.



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