Phytochemicals Immune System Support

Your Immune System is Under Continual Attack – You need certain specific nutrients to support your bodies systems to protect and Significantly Enhance Your Immunity.

Phytochemicals work synergistically with vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients, antioxidants and phytosterols to enhance immunity. For the best immune system support you need to use a combination of nutrients that support functions in your body.

The April 25, 1994 Issue of Newsweek introduced a new term to the world called Phytochemicals or more specifically healthful plant chemicals.

These phytochemicals support your immune system and are rapidly becoming a major focus in the war against many of America's deadliest diseases. There have been literally thousands of studies and medical reports that attest to the health benefits of these food components.

“Just a few years ago, scientists didn’t know phytochemicals existed… In the world where science merges with health, phytochemicals are the next big thing. The National Cancer Institute is so excited, it has launched a multi-million dollar project to find, isolate and study them. Private firms are eyeing them as a health blockbuster. For among their most intriguing talents is an apparent ability

to block the multiple processes that lead to cancer…” -Newsweek Magazine, April 25, 1994

Phytochemicals are naturally occurring bioactive plant molecules or chemicals produced by plants to protect the plant from the elements of the earth and the suns harmful rays. These amazing phytonutrients provide food resources for your body’s trillions of cells and consumption of these plant foods containing these phytonutrients by humans have been scientifically validated to help slow the aging process and reduce the risk of many diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cataracts, osteoporosis, diabetes and urinary tract infections.

Note that several hundred phytochemical plant nutrients have been identified and about 150 have been studied in detail

Phytochemicals: Fruits and Vegetables

Many Health Organizations Are Taking a Closer Look at Phytochemicals

American Cancer Society

Phytochemicals are promoted for the prevention and treatment of many health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. There is some evidence that certain phytochemicals may help prevent the formation of potential cancer-causing substances (carcinogens), block the action of carcinogens on their target organs or tissue, or act on cells to suppress cancer development. Review the entire article on the health benefits of phytochemicals and cancer

American Heart Association

Phytochemicals are chemicals found in plants. Plant sterols, flavonoids (FLAV'oh-noidz), and sulfur-containing compounds are three classes of micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables. These compounds may be important in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis (ath"er-o-skleh-RO'sis), which is the buildup of fatty deposits in artery walls. Learn more about phytochemicals and cardiovascular disease.

National Cancer Institute on the benefits of plant phytochemical nutrients

Studies show that phytochemicals can act as antioxidants, stimulate detoxification enzymes, stimulate the immune system, positively affect hormones, and act as antibacterial or antiviral agents

Learn why you should eat at least 5 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables each day.

American Dietetic Association

Fruits and vegetables provide many health benefits. Most people know about the vitamin C found in oranges or the beta carotene in carrots. But don't overlook the benefits of resveratrol, lycopene and anthocyanin.

These compounds are among the ever-increasing number of phytochemicals whose existence and roles in nutrition and health are being discovered by researchers.

Hidden Health Benefits of Phytochemicals in Fruits and Vegetables


“Phytochemicals in foods offer
front-line defenses against cancer”

One of the reasons scientists are so excited about phytochemicals immune system support is they supply what your body needs to stop a cells conversion from healthy to cancerous at so many different stages.

Plants contain phytochemicals also know as phytonutrients. These phytochemicals are one of the most important weapons for your immune system. One of the perfect elements required for building a strong supercharged immune system are phytonutrients.

Phytochemicals are present in all fruits and vegetables, studies suggest that over 150 phytochemicals also know as phytonutrients are present in our fruits and vegetables.

"These phytochemicals not only protect the plant itself from solar radiation or insect invasion, but consumption of these chemicals by humans has shown to keep cells in the body healthy and stable in many ways."

  • Some phytochemicals have antioxidant effects
  • Supply nutrients for your body to strengthen your immune system
  • Support the proper function of your hormonal system through a phytonutrient called Phytosterols

Your Body is the Miracle

When you eat specific foods or supplements that contain nutrients from plants your body uses these nutrients to support a function at the molecular level of your cells. We can not classify these nutrients as a cure, because they are not. Your body uses the nutrients to support your systems so that your body’s cells, tissues, organs and immune system functions at an optimal level to maintain wellness.

Your body uses the phytochemicals from foods such as tomatoes, garlic, broccoli, and pineapple to stop a cells conversion from healthy to cancerous. Your job is really easy compared to your biologically preprogrammed miraculous body. You need to provide the proper food sources and your amazing human body knows what to do with the nutrients to maintain health.

Today’s produce is picked green for long distance transport to cities. This “green harvest” is the primary reason for low phytochemical content in fruits and vegetables

Phytochemicals - Tomatoes

Deepak Chopra has a great insight of what is required to live a healthy balanced life:

“A healthy life ….. demands the following; fresh food; pure clean water and air; moderate exercise; balanced, refined breath; nonviolent behavior and a reverence for life; and loving, positive emotions”

The trouble is we have polluted air and water, chemicals are showing up in our foods, and a lot of the goodness of the foods is processed and refined out of our foods, growing foods in nutrient depleted soils.

One of the major problems we face today is the fact our foods are deficient in nutrients that should be there. In other words they are not fresh! These nutrient deficiencies are starting to catch up to us and as a result we are seeing the incidence of disease continually increase in spite of the advances of pharmacological medicine.

Fruits and vegetables are grown in nutrient deficient soils, sprayed with insecticides and herbicides then picked when they are green way before they ripen in order to supply food to the people in the world before it spoils.

Think of the time near the end of summer and those tomatoes are ripening on the vine in your garden. They are a deep reddish color and rich in flavor that is the time when the tomato has the maximum phytonutrients and other nutrients for immune system support. Look at the difference between the color of the tomato in January and think of the taste, it is bland and tasteless compared to the vine ripened tomato you eat in the summer.

Tomatoes with lots of phytonutrients


Tomatoes with virtually no phytonutrients

Phytochemicals - Tomatoes
Non-vine ripened tomatoes

Not only does it taste bland but it is void of these vital phytochemicals and has low levels of other essential nutrients.

Do you eat 10 – 12 servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Most people do not and no you can not count French fries as one serving.

If you do congratulations because they have many valuable fibers, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, glyconutrients, and phytochemicals. The trouble is these foods do not have the level of phytochemicals and other nutrients that your body requires to support your bodily systems so your body can do the job it is supposed to do. That is defend, protect and restore health.

If you do not, it is absolutely essential to your health and well being that you do eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. 10 – 12 would be even better.

Now you still need to address the nutrient deficiencies to provide your body the necessary nutrients it requires to do its job efficiently and support your immune system. The reality is with our current supply of foods you would have to eat 10 – 12 lbs of fruits and vegetables to obtain the phytocemical benefits.

The best way to do this is to supply your body a standardized and stabilized supply of vine ripened phytochemicals with a blend of the most beneficial phytonutrients. Nutritional food supplement companies have identified a method called flash freeze drying. This process preserves the nutrients and phytochemicals, this method removes the toxins and pesticides through the removal of the moisture.

Many foods have been promoted as a cancer or heart disease, preventative, or curative substance. Think about it differently these foods do not cure or prevent any disease.

Rather they supply the various nutrients and fuels that your body requires to support physiological and biological functions to support your body’s immune system and bodily systems.

Broccoli contains phytochemicals such as sulphorophane, indoles, and carotenoids. When you eat these nutrients they activate and boost the activity of enzymes in your body and these enzymes detoxify carcinogens. The broccoli does not do this, your body does but it uses the nutrients to provide your body the resource so it can activate these enzymes.

Carotenoids found in carrots, kale and cantelope provide antioxidant actions which your body must have so it can combat oxidative stress.

Beta carotene when consumed is converted by your body into retinoic acid which is believed to control genes that have a significant impact on the development of cancer. Your body sends out messages to control genes to stop or prevent the development of cancer, but only when your body produces enough retinoic acid. Once again your body uses a plant nutrient to support a biological function.

Folic acid found in veggies such as turnip greens, Brussels sprouts and beets provides the nutrient your body requires to form healthy red blood cells. This in turn provides resources your body uses to build healthy tissues using healthy DNA. If carcinogens are allowed to invade your DNA, then cancer develops and spreads.

Your body is incredible you just need to understand why you must have these phytochemical nutrients

Garlic has many phytochemicals such as allicin and ajoene. What do these tasty nutrients provide, well they have been shown to provide what your body requires to dissolve blood clots and block platelet clumping. This is natures way of providing food sources your body requires to support a function in your cells. If your body can control blood clotting then your body effectively protects itself from the onset of strokes and heart attacks.

Foods and nutrients do not cure disease, they are utilized by your body to support biological functions in your body to maintain your health and restore wellness.

Fruits like raspberries, strawberries, grapes and blueberries contain phenols. When your body has a supply of phenols from foods it uses this organic substance to assist a process in your body to trap toxic chemicals and flush them out. Your body also uses these substances to support a function in your body that reduces inflammation.

Grapes contain boron, when your body absorbs this element from the food it uses this element to support a hormonal function and triggers your endocrine system to increase mental alertness, performance and reduce drowsiness.

Some researchers indicate the importance of an apple and say it is an infection fighter, much like penicillin and also decreases tooth decay. The reality is that the apple does not do this. It is your body and the many biological functions that it is preprogrammed to do. All you do is eat the apple, the apple contains the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and food chemicals that your body requires to fight infections the way it is pre programmed to do.

You need to consume phytochemicals daily and increase your immune system support.

You need to understand these powerful plant extracts are uncovering a wealth of health benefits, including the reduction of the risk of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and other conditions that rob us of quality of life and lead to premature aging and death.

Maximize your immune system health by providing these necessary nutrients back into your diet.

Phytochemicals in Newsweek



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