How do healthy people stay healthy

How do healthy people stay healthy?

How can I tell if I am healthy?

How do healthy people stay healthy

How can I tell if I am healthy

Why is it important to stay healthy

facts on how to stay healthy

optimal health systems

What to eat to stay healthy

American health statistics

foods to eat to stay healthy

definition of wellness

how can teens stay healthy

how many people stay healthy

Optimal Health

Are you as healthy as you think you are?

Health facts you should know

Those are great questions, many baby boomers are asking the same question. How can I tell if I am healthy or how do healthy people stay healthy, that is the number one series of questions that people of all ages such as the aging baby boomers and up and coming gen-exers are asking.

There are so many things to consider such as what to eat to stay healthy or, what foods to eat to stay healthy. Parents are asking, how can teens stay healthy, and how can my young children stay healthy, they are really looking for answers such as what is the definition of wellness or how many people stay healthy.

Be Proactive – Stay Well rather then get well with the utilization of the cellular health plan

You can learn the facts on how to stay healthy by reviewing the contents of the various web pages within disease education.

We are now living in conditions that are far different from that we were designed to live in. The significance of the environmental pollution and toxins that never existed before the year 1930. This pollution causes free radicals into the countless tens of thousands of hits per cell per day in your body and you have billions of cells in your body.

The bottom line is your body is not designed to cope with the amount of pollution and toxins and we have to compensate for this in today's world. Today were getting more free radicals in our bodies can cope with.

Are You As Healthy As You Think You Are?

Most people think they are in excellent health, 80 percent of adults, nearly 90 percent of adolescents and 93 percent of children rated their own health as good, very good or excellent.

The illusion of health… do you ever say “I feel fine”

Do you really think you are well as above-mentioned 80 to 90 percent of the people say they feel healthy. The reality is 60% of the people see a medical doctor between two and five times each year. Almost 70% of the population are taking at least one prescription drug. 40% of people are being treated for long-term or debilitating illness.


Think about this being symptom-free is really not the same as being optimally healthy. 33% of the population knows they have a health problem and 60% think they're healthy, because they have no symptoms.

Where a virus parasitic or bacteria enters your body or when the cancer is growing in your body, you feel fine until symptom expresses itself. You do not feel it until a dysfunction occurs such as a heart attack 50% of the time the first symptom is death.

American health statistics

The American health statistics are virtually identical to those in other first world countries such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Startling new American health statistics point to a real problem for Americans who think they're healthier than they really are.

  • 50% of Americans are ALREADY PRE-diabetic! They have at least one symptom of diabetes, which is a degenerative and accelerated aging disease. A pot belly is a sign of pre-diabetes (insulin resistance). Over 55,000 hands or feet are amputated each year due to this ugly disease. Even children are getting it! Medical treatment for diabetes only addresses the symptoms, NOT the problem.
  • Did you know that 50% of Americans ALREADY have an auto-immune disease
  • 50% of the males WILL GET CANCER and 38% of the females WILL GET CANCER (did you know that there is alternative cancer treatment that IS effective?)
  • CANCER is the #1 cause of death by disease among U.S. children age 1-14 (what a tragedy!)
  • Almost 50% of Americans will die from heart disease.
  • 90% will die prematurely and often painfully of some DEGENERATIVE disease

Health facts you should know

  • one out of two people die from heart disease
  • one out of three people will get cancer
  • one out of two people will get an autoimmune disease
  • one out of two people will get a degenerative disease

Okay you are one of five people in a group and

  • one out of two is going to die from heart disease,
  • one will get cancer,
  • one will have an autoimmune disease,
  • and the other some sort of degenerative disease.

But the problem is right now, each and everyone of you feel fine. So just because you don't currently have a symptom of one of those disease conditions, and you currently feel fine. How do you really and truly know that you are?

Did you know

  • one out of three children born today will develop diabetes
  • the number one reason people visit emergency room is asthma
  • it is established that one out of three babies born will develop diabetes
  • prior to 1990 autism effected one in 10,000 children today it is one in 50
  • 25 years ago there were only four known autoimmune diseases today there are over 80!

The great news is that we make choices. We can change the trend of this debilitating problem and start making proactive choices towards optimal health.

How can you tell if you're truly healthy

How can I tell if I am healthy? Well, one of the only ways truly is to go get an autopsy! Seriously the medical community conducts every single test imaginable on people once they pass away, as opposed to developing methods of determining the degree of how healthy you truly are.

Do you really think you are healthy? Or do you think, "I feel good. I have no symptoms."

That is the unfortunate trend right now in westernized countries, is that people wait until they have a symptom. Until they don't feel good, before they go to visit their family doctor or a medical clinic.

People tend to conform and don't want to change it with a white to rock the boat to reality as most people are told to accept their wellness deficiencies as part of the aging process. Its like being told that there is nothing you can do about them.

Medical sciences told people for far too long to accept declining health and energy levels as part of the aging process. Well ladies and gentlemen, it's time that you take control of your personal health and well-being and start searching for the pursuit of optimal health

Definition of wellness

In westernized countries we really need to take a strong look at the definition of wellness and redefine what healthy really means. We tend to see ourselves as well until we are actively sick. That is a dangerous notion that needs to be replaced by the understanding that a person is healthy only when he or she is living a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness refers to the active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions to achieve optimal health and a more successful and balanced existence. Or in accordance to the American Heritage dictionary the definition of wellness can be defined as: The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits.

Too many people wait until their health is severely impaired before they take action. Or they think that they are already fit and healthy, and why should they spend time trying to fix something that isn't broken.

Why do so many people have cancer today?

Why are more children being diagnosed with cancer than ever before?

Why has cancer gone from the number eight killer to the number two killer in the past 10 years in spite of spending billions of dollars on the cure for cancer?

What is wrong?

Our world is more toxic than ever before. 7,000,000,000 pounds of toxins are released into the environment each year. Over 495 toxins have been approved for use with our foods. Our air, and our water are no longer safe in pure. More than 75,000 synthetic Chemicals have been introduced into our environment since 1930, as reported by Dr. Steve Nugent, and he says. It is shocking to know that only 7% of that 75,000 has been tested for safety in adults and only 3% have been tested for safety in our children.

The bottom line is your body is not designed to cope with the amount of pollution and toxins and we have to compensate for this in today's world. Today were getting more free radicals in our bodies can cope with.

An antioxidant is something your body uses that renders a free radical harmless. So antioxidant nutrients are crucial for your health!

Oxidation is the root cause of 70% of all diseases. 30% of cancers form because of oxidative stress attack on the cells of your body. 50% of the people is said to develop heart disease at some point in their life. One of the first signs of heart attack for many of those people is death because they have no warning symptoms prior to that. They feel fine. Heart disease isn't just about dieter lack of exercise. Its about the nutrients for lack of nutrients amount of toxins in your environment that causes free radicals oxidative stress and disease.

Regardless if you think you feel fine you need to counteract the effects of the free radical damage that is occurring every second!

Facts on how to stay healthy

Nearly everyone in the world is concerned about premature aging, absolutely no one wants to grow older faster than is necessary. Did you know that oxidative stress is the principal cause of premature aging?

There are really many facts on how to stay healthy

Facts on how to stay healthy;

  • oxidation is the root cause of 70% of all diseases – consume antioxidants on a daily basis
  • lack of exercise - start walking every day, join a community fitness club
  • low energy - optimize cellular nutrition
  • cancer – if you smoke stop smoking, review the following web pages facts about antioxidants and learn about the value of phytochemicals

There are so many facts on how to stay healthy. You really need to address all aspects of what your body requires and support them.

If you really want to learn about facts on how to stay healthy, one of the most significant books written on facts on how to stay healthy is called how to survive on a toxic planet by Dr. Steve Nugent. Amazon link goes here get your copy today “How To Survive On A Toxic Planet”

What to eat to stay healthy

A great question is what to eat to stay healthy, well 90% of the food we eat is processed, processing and cooking reduces the nutritional value of our foods. By up to 90% of the nutritional value that should be in our foods. In North America over the past 20 years or immune system function has been on a steady decline.

Here is a point you must clearly understand. We are not receiving enough nutrition from our food in today’s world. We are not receiving enough nutrition from our food. In any category, particularly in antioxidants. So what to eat to stay healthy?

Well it certainly isn't a fast foods sugar laden drinks, chocolate bars or overly preserved foods. Human beings require foods and specific nutrients for energy for specific building blocks, catalysts that optimize cellular nutritional biochemistry.

All people require the basic food and nutrient elements in specific proportions to balance their body systems to provide optimal health. All of us require water, carbohydrates, lipids, fats, oils, proteins such as meat, fish eggs and vegetables, vitamins, minerals antioxidants, glyconutrients and then there are many nutrients within these nutrients.

The challenge is we don't get enough of these essential nutrients in the right proportions, and over the long term it leads to the start of degenerative conditions, and it begins at the level of the cell that is the primary reason why you really don't feel certain things when these diseases are in the beginning stages of development.

Many people think they are actually eating right, and they think a lot of the foods they eat have adequate nutritional value. The facts are different than what most people think. This is how people are deceived.

How do we eat in westernized countries?

  • Well, 59% of the diet is based on refined flours.
  • 18%, the diet is based on sugar and artificial sweeteners (American children consume as much as 700 pounds of refined sugar each year)
  • 99 % of Americans are not getting the daily nutrition and they need from the five food groups. American Journal of clinical nutrition.
  • In 1951 one peach would have supplied the current RDA (recommended daily intake) of vitamin A, today you have to eat 53 peaches to get the equivalent amount of vitamin A. The calories are the same and the fiber is the same, however the nutrition is vastly different

It is normal for a human being to think
“if I am not in pain, and I have the energy then I am okay”

Calories give you energy, too many calories make you fat. So you are eating calories, not nutrition, and you have abundant energy in some cases and your body is working so hard to protect you. But the reality folks is that we are nutritionally deprived.

So your body is in a battle 24 hours a day with the nutritional resources you provide it to try to keep you well. The Problem is that many people think they're getting and nutrition they require on a daily basis. However, the reality is, we simply are not getting the nutrition we required each and every day in our bodies are losing the battle over time. Then even if you think you're healthy, think again!

What foods to eat to stay healthy

What foods to eat to stay healthy, although our diet, and the foods that we eat can contain many of the known essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, essential facts, essential oils, essential proteins necessary glyconutrients every single disease is on the rise. Not one but every disease is on the rise.

Our foods are lacking these essential nutrients which means we have no building blocks for our bodies to obtain optimal health and maintain optimal health. This is attributed to a green harvest of our produce mineral depletion in our soils, overly processed foods, and preparation in cold storage of our foods.

It's time you started to be proactive, not reactive! You are under attack every day. Your cells are under attack every day. You are exposed to the various things in your life in your world that produce cancer cells. And you cannot get enough protection in your diet. You certainly cannot wait until you're diagnosed with the disease.

So if you can't get enough nutrients from your food in your diet, then you must look at supplementing these nutrients back into your diet. We will call this nutrient replacement therapy

What foods to eat to stay healthy and that is a great question. Today the current approach with tips provide drugs that override normal cell processes. Well, the problem is not resolved it really only masks the symptoms and most times drugs create side effects.

Where nutrition supports normal processes and addresses problems and allows your body can normalize cell processes, providing that you provide enough of the right nutrients in the right proportions to support your body systems.

The choice is yours, you must take care of the House of cells. Your temple, don't wait to something goes wrong. Implement proactive approach that supports your body's nutritional requirements. Start with your plan to optimal health.

Make your inner body an atmosphere where oxidative stress is controlled.

Because you think you are healthy now. Are you truly healthy? Go back and read the information on this page again, think about it vividly look at your life. In 10 or 20 years from now. Where life really look like in 10 years from now. Look at the history of your families health. Think about 10 people you care about the most strongly consider how many diseases, disorders dysfunctions that those individuals have out of 10 people that you know.

You want to live a vibrant and productive life?

You must invest in your health today! And without optimal health and wellness. You have disease suffering and no quality-of-life.

Will you continue down the medical treatment path and wait for poor health to arrive, then take drugs have surgery or radiation?

Or adopt the wellness lifestyle, where you can have abundant optimal health and feel and look the best you felt in years.

Optimal health systems

Optimal health systems are comprised of many components, such a this pure clean water, pure clean air, regular exercise, healthy outlook on life wonderful relationships, and nutrition.

While each and every one of those components of the optimal health systems is absolutely essential. We will focus on one component of the optimal health systems called cellular nutrition support.

The basic unit of the human body is the cell. Takes about 10,000 human cells to cover the head of a pin. There are many extremely critical nutrients that take place on a molecular level, versus the cellular level.

How important is it to ensure that your body's cells are functioning properly? Well, our bodies manufacture 200 billion red blood cells each day replacing all the blood in her body every hundred and 20 days skin is completely replaced every one to three months, and it takes about 90 days for old to be broken down and replaced by new bone.

When you support your body’s systems optimally by consuming the proper balance of this critical nutrients in your body and its systems make it very difficult for a virus or bacteria to thrive.

Our focus is going to be on paying attention to the body's design not disease in your body is comprised of many systems. There are many optimal health systems. We're going to focus on the optimal health system that supplies roots missing in your diet to your body can restore the functions at the cellular and molecular level of the cell.

How do I get these critical nutrients to counteract the effects of oxidative stress?

So I can prevent the onset of disease conditions and to take a proactive approach.

So that my family and I can avoid degenerative disease conditions to the best of our ability?




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