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Unlike other nutritional products or supplements, glyconutrient products provide the necessary monosaccharides recently identified as essential for optimizing your immune health at the cellular level. Glyconutrient products address the fundamental structure of the body. Glyconutrients are at the forefront of nutritional science. There are eight simple sugars (monosaccharides) that combine with proteins and fats to form a code that allows each cell to communicate with others.

Deficiencies of glyconutrients contribute to dozens of autoimmune diseases including AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, inflammation, fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome. By consuming glyconutrient products your body’s cells will have the proper nutrients it requires to strengthen your immune system and one of the major benefits is you build your resistance to bacterial and viral infections by consuming glyconutrient products or foods containing glyconutrients.

How do glyconutrients strengthen immunity?

The medical community is so focused on drugs and pharmaceutical applications that the power of nutrition to strengthen the immune function is overlooked and not fully understood by the average medical professional. To strengthen your immune system, you must address the needs of your entire body. A strong immune system is essential for health. Glyconutrients strengthens immunity by supplying your body with the raw materials it requires to support the production of glycoproteins at the cellular level. Glyconutrients are one component of your nutritional requirements for your immune system. The combination of glyconutrients phytohormones phytonutrients benefits your body by supporting various components of your immune system. Learn more about glyconutrients and immune system support.

Glyconutrients are nutritional plant based carbohydrates (saccarides) and when they are consumed in sufficient amounts provide they provide what your body must have in order to produce the cell surface structures called glycoproteins for every cell in your entire body.


You obtain these nutrients through the foods that you consume. This is no different then a vitamin C deficiency, if you do not have vitamin C in your diet you will develop scurvy.

The problem is that we no longer live in the world for which our bodies were designed and we must now compensate for the changes.

There is no drug that will ever replace the function vitamin C provides for your body. Humans don't have the ability to make their own vitamin C. We must therefore obtain vitamin C through our diet. Because we do not get enough vitamin C in our diet, it is supplemented in our common food supply and through dietary supplements. Learn more about Vitamin C.

Science has proven the following:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin it does not cure scurvy your body uses this essential nutrient for the following:

Sources of Vitamin C
  • To control cholesterol levels
  • Protects the polyunsaturated fatty acids from oxidation
  • Necessary for normal red blood cell formation
  • Necessary for normal steroid hormone metabolism
  • Necessary for the formation and maintenance of collagen
  • Necessary for normal wound healing
  • Enhances immune function
  • Supplementation with vitamin C provided protection from cataract development
  • May protect the skin from damaging sun exposure
  • May reduce the risk of developing some cancers

It is absolutely essential to consume vitamin C to maintain health. If you do not have vitamin C the results would be detrimental to your health!

Now we have to clearly understand that nutrition and dietary supplements do not:

  • cure disease
  • treat disease
  • heal your body
  • mitigate disease

Nutrition provides necessary micronutrients you must have to survive and live an abundant healthy life without disease.

Your body is a true miracle

Your body is designed to repair, restore, protect and defend itself if it gets the tools that it was intended to have.

If you have a deficiency of saccharides in your diet, then you do not have properly balanced cell surface glycoproteins. Therefore your body is not in balance and various disease states will be the result.

Humans don't have the ability to make their own glyconutrients. We must therefore obtain glyconutrients through our diet. We do not get enough glyconutrients in our diet to facilitate the proper balance of cell surface glycoproteins, therefore we must use supplements to obtain it.

The true benefit of having a sufficient amount of glyconutrients in your diet will allow all trillion of your cells in your body to have the proper balance of cell surface glycoproteins.

Microscopic view of glyconutrients

Without the proper balance of cell surface glycoproteins science is validating through research that:

People with Autoimmune diseases have specific missing glycoproteins on the strands.

o The cells in people with rheumatoid arthritis are missing a glycoprotein called N-acetylglucosamine.

Scientific studies in glycobiology are finding the following:
With an optimal amount of glycoprotiens on your cell surfaces your bodies systems can:

Improve your health regardless of what your situation is, it doesn’t matter what your situation is, the key to improving your health to having proper balance and healthy function of every cell in your body is something called glycosolation. What does that mean?

Glycosylation Picture

Each of those strands on the cell surface are receptor sites.
When each of these receptor sites receives its glycoprotein then that receptor can function

When all the receptors have their glycoform that specific cell can function

When the corresponding cell that it has to work with in order to make you healthy has all of its glycoforms (glyconutrients) then it can function and your cells can communicate.

And you have Wellness

So it is that simple, Glycosylation is the key to your health!
These are some of the many functions that your body will perform when it has the proper balance of glycoproteins on the cell surface of your cells:

  • Modulate your immune system (balance)
  • Repair tissue and repair cells
  • Defend against infections
  • Protect against infections by killing bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Inhibit tumor growth
  • Remove environmental chemicals from cells before they have a chance to exert toxic effects.
  • Help protect against lung infections and injury following stress by inactivating inhaled bacteria and viruses trapped in airway mucus
  • Protect and repair stressed cells during intense exercise
  • Help mediate tissue injury repair following physical stress conditions, such as tissue abrasion and burns
  • Protect against oxidative stress
  • Aid in healthy processing of cholesterol
  • Protect and repair stressed cells during intense exercise
  • Play a key role in wound healing
  • Help regulate proper nerve function

Cellular communication is literally the single most important concept in nutrition, and when we support this communication process we are empowering every single cell and every single part of the body to function the way it is supposed to.
Glyconutrients are not a drug or a cure for disease, this is not a drug claim, this is what your body does when it has the proper balance of cell surface glycoproteins.

To conclude, vitamin C does not cure disease nor does glyconutrients. They are nutrients that your body requires to function as it is designed to do, they are essential components to your health.

Just like water, you must have water. There is no pharmaceutical company in the world that can replace water with any type of pharmaceutical drug. You must have water it is an essential component to your health and well being.

Optimize your health with essential nutrients your body requires to maintain health and vitality.

Glyconutrients Book What You Will Learn From This Book. --What are glyconutrients? --Why do we need glyconutrients? --What do they do? --Where do they come from? --How much do you need? --How long do you need to take them? --Why do some people get healthier faster than others? This book will also answer the questions... --Why do we need dietary supplements at all? --Why can't I just have a good diet? How does our environment affect our health? --Can toxins you can't see or smell cause disease? --Is organic really better? --What is the reality of quality control in the dietary supplement industry? You will also learn important information about Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

The Missing Glyconutrients

Disease is a symptom of one or more body systems in distress. When you nourish and balance the systems, you give your body what it requires to resist, repair and overcome disease, and to achieve optimal health. While challenges to our health (virus, parasites, bacteria, toxins) are at an all-time high, our nutritional intake to protect ourselves from these challenges is at its lowest level ever.

Why do people need glyconutrients now at this time in history, and not before? Before food was processed as much as it is now, people were getting at least a low level of these essential nutrients. But, the body's ability to make the missing six biologically active sugars are now seriously compromised by these following factors:

  • Stress from physical sources, such as accidents, inactivity and from mental and emotional factors.
  • Inadequate nutrition due to critically serious mineral depletion in the soil on which foods are grown and to the stripping away of nutrients in the processing of foods.
  • The common use of foods, chemicals and drugs that interfere with the utilization of nutrients that are in the food.
  • Toxins: there are 75,000 synthetic chemicals/toxins in our environment (air, food, and water)

All these factors disable your body’s ability to complete the enzymatic processes that should normally convert the common sugars such as glucose to the other missing ones. This is why it is critical to supplement. Without communication between cell to cell, it is impossible to ever be well! Every cell in your body is surrounded by monosaccharides. There are eight that are essential glyconutrients referred to as sugars that heal, these glycoproteins can change their configurations or communication messages thousands of times per seconds. Cells actually touch each other in order to communicate. Dysfunction and disease occur when the components necessary for cell to cell communication are absent or are in short supply.

Glyconutrients Book

Glycobiology has now established that every cell in the mammalian body requires eight necessary sugar molecules in order to function effectively. These sugars combine with protein and fat molecules into glycoforms that attach themselves to the surfaces of every cell in the body. Under an electron microscope, they look like weird trees growing on the cell surface. One of their most important functions there is to allow cells to communicate effectively with each other. To the degree that these "super sugars" are deficient, cell-to-cell communication tends to break down and some form of illness starts to develop. Inadequate cellular communication means internal confusion, breakdown, and eventually disease and premature death.

By consuming glyconutrient products they are converted in glycoproteins that are used by the body for many other purposes including building enzymes, hormones, immunoglobulins and antibodies. Glycoproteins are found inside every cell. Glycolipids help build the brain and nervous system. Fucose and mannose two of the eight required glyconutrients provide your body the required building blocks to turn on a function in your body that triggers significant cancer tumor suppression. The sugars are important for a strong immune system.



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