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You are about to discover one of the most important, scientifically validated breakthroughs in the world of health and longevity the advanced health plan. If you or someone you care about is struggling with pain, fatigue, an autoimmune disease, or even a life threatening disease, investigate this information carefully. What you're about to learn will likely defy your belief about reversing disease. Too good to be true, or too good to miss? Learn more about the advanced health plan and restore proper function to your cells


Have you ever heard of a company called Starbucks? Have you ever bought their coffee?

On Sept. 15, 2005, on the front page of the Seattle newspaper, many people were shocked to read that Starbucks is spending more on health care than on raw materials needed to brew its coffee.

Did you know that same thing happened with General Motors? Earlier in 2005 they reported spending more for their Medical insurance than for the steel they bought to make their cars!

Why do you think the cost of medical care is going through the roof?


It is because we are in a serious health crisis. Most people have NO IDEA how serious it is and how it will affect them.

Please take a couple of minutes to do this, because it could help you see something that could change your life.


Take that piece of paper and on the left side, write the numbers 1 through 10 in a vertical column. Put your name as number one—OK, got that? Now fill in the remaining nine slots with the names of the most important people in your life—there are the top ten people in your world who are most important to you. You would really miss them if they died. Take a minute or two to complete your list.

These are people you care about. Would you like to know what is going to happen to these ten people? According to the national statistics, here is what is going to happen to the people you most care about:

  • 50% of your top ten people ALREADY are PRE-diabetic! They have at least one symptom of diabetes, which is a degenerative and accelerated aging disease. 55,000 hands or feet are amputated each year due to this disease. Even children are getting it!
  • 50% of your top ten people ALREADY have an auto-immune disease
  • 50% of the males on your list WILL GET CANCER and 38% of the females on your list WILL GET CANCER
  • CANCER is the #1 cause of death by disease among U.S. children age 1-14
  • Almost 50% of your top ten people will die from heart disease

  • 90% will die prematurely and often painfully of some DEGENERATIVE disease—that leaves only one person on your list that will escape this catastrophe.

Which one will it be? Sorry to have to tell you this bad news, but it is the truth, and you want the truth, right? The truth can set you free if you know what to do with it.


Do you want to hear the good news? The good news, is that there is a simple and easy way for you and the people on your list to escape being one of these statistics. Want to know how?

First, let me tell you where you will NOT find the answer—it is NOT where people are looking. The answer is NOT in the medical system, which by the way, actually KILLS a million people per year. And it has NO WAY to PREVENT or CURE any disease.

Like the old saying: there is no cheese down that tunnel.

The ONLY way to prevent or cure these conditions is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, so that the body can be IMMUNE to disease, or cure itself if it already is into a health breakdown.

So what is the most important thing you can do?

Listen carefully to this answer—not only does all the research support this, but this is just common sense. The most critical element of your health is whatever element is missing.

ONE of the most missing elements of vibrant health and longevity is getting all the essential nutrients you need. Write down, “NEED.”


What is most exciting to me about this new technology that we provide to people is that it gives your body something it really NEEDS.

Can I give you some examples of what happens when a person does not get their needs met?

This is a dramatic example, but I use it because I feel it is so important that you understand how critical it is to your life to have your needs met.

This is a true historical event. When the Nazi's were in control of Germany, they did a lot of experiments, one of which was on newborn babies. They wanted to find out if expressing love to babies was really a critical need.

What they did was take 50 newborn babies, and met EVERY PHYSICAL NEED, but deprived them of any expression of love by NOT touching, NOT talking to or having any eye contact with these babies.

The experiment only lasted 6 months, because by then, 100% of the babies had died because this critical need to be loved was not met. As adults, we have ways to compensate, so we don't die as fast when our love needs are not met.

This not so nice experiment demonstrates the principle that when a real need is not met, three things always happen… Write this down!


Let's do a quick demonstration right now, OK? This will take less than a minute. What I want you to do is just stop breathing, OK? Do not breathe for as long as you can while you are listening to me. How do you think you will be feeling after a minute or two?

Are you starting to feel weaker? What would happen if you went too long without oxygen? ..... yes, you die. 100% of the time.

In fact, oxygen is such a CRITICAL NEED, that you skip right over the sickness stage and go directly from weakness to death.

As a final example—what happens if you do not get any Vitamin C? Because Vitamin C is a real NEED, if you do not get any of it, you WILL get weaker, you will get sick and you will die--100% of the time. There are no exceptions.

And if a person is close to death because of a Vitamin C deficiency, if they are given Vitamin C, in most cases, they will quickly recover.

It is now becoming common knowledge that there is another SET of nutrients that we NEED, considered by many scientists and doctors to be the Missing Link. They are called glyconutrients.

When you do not get enough of glyconutrients, the same pattern occurs that happened with the newborn babies, or not getting oxygen or vitamin C--you get weaker, you will get sick, and you will die prematurely. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Of all the hundreds of nutrients, how do you know which one is most important for you?

I’ll tell you! 100% of the time, the most important nutrient is… the one that is missing.

And if you have a critical or terminal health condition, once you begin to provide that critical nutrient, it sometimes seems like a miracle when the problem suddenly goes away—and the doctors are always shocked.

That is because when you provide the body with what is missing, it can heal itself, sometimes so quickly it seems like a miracle. Can you see that it is not really a miracle? The miracle or cure is in the body itself—but it can only cure itself when it has all the needs met. It’s like a carpenter who can only build if he has the lumber.

Let’s summarize this, and write this down:

 UNMET needs produce weakness, sickness and eventually death.

 MET needs produce the opposite results: energy, healing and life.

So, on a scale from zero to ten, how important would you say it is to you to have your critical nutritional needs met?

Most people say 10

So, why did you give yourself a 10

You know what I give myself? A TEN! That's why I make SURE that I get all the critical nutrients I need because my health is so precious to me. You value yours too, right?

What I do, is I use the Cellular Health Plan, because it restores the function of my cells, which is one of my most critical NEEDS.

When your cells are healthy, your organs are healthy and YOU are healthy. The secret to excellent health is to restore the function of your cells. Dysfunctional or “retarded” cells lead to disease. When your cells are healthy, it is impossible for you to get a disease. Happy cells equals a happy healthy life—make sense?

To help you understand exactly what you can expect from the Cellular Health Plan (CRP) that many doctors are now recommending, I'm going to use an analogy, because I really want to make sure you get this. This is too important!

C.A.R. Acronym and Analogy

Let's use a car as an analogy for your body. The letters, C.A.R. is also a useful acronym, that can represent three critical functions of the car. These correspond to three critical functions in your body, that are supported by the three core products in the Cellular Restoration Plan.

So write these three letters down in a vertical column: C.A.R. Got that?


C stands for COMMUNICATE. Your car has many mechanisms that facilitate the processing of information, i.e. communication. A simple type of communication in your car is the key. This key is coded with information so that when you put it in and turn it, the car “reads” the information being communicated and starts.

Turning the steering wheel communicates the direction your car will go. Pressing the gas pedal communicates the need for more gas. What does pressing the brake pedal do? It communicates, slow down, or stop.

It’s the same with your body—for every cell and organ to function properly, including your brain, heart, liver, lungs, etc., they must have a way to process information and communicate with other organs and cells. So if your cells and organs are NOT communicating and processing data properly, you have CHAOS, and eventually, a serious health breakdown. It’s just a matter of time. Your body can compensate only so long.

There are eight recently discovered special nutrients referred to by scientists and doctors as Glyconutrients. All 300 trillion cells, every organ, every system and even your DNA absolutely REQUIRES these Glyconutrients in order to function.

Other nutrients can be compared to computer software that may be useful, but are not essential for the computer to operate. But what the computer absolutely does need to work is the operating system, on which the software can operate. Glyconutrients are to the body what the operating system is to the computer. It is not just another “software” nutrient; Glyconutrients are fundamental, like oxygen, because it supports the basic operating system of the body so that the cells and organs can function. Make sense?

Without these Glyconutrients, your cells are handicapped, and are in a sense retarded, because they can not communicate and function properly. They are a missing link in the health equation.

The problem this solves is that our food provides only TWO of these eight vital Glyconutrients, and Ambrotose provides you with the ones that are MISSING, so that your DNA, your cells, immune system and organs, like your brain, heart, lungs, and liver can do their job properly. Does that make sense?

Another thing that Glyconutrients do is help your body make its OWN stem cells, so that it can repair and regenerate damaged cells and organs. This is one reason people often get such dramatic results. Plus they have an anti-aging effect!

Do you see why we include this in the Plan? It’s like the first leg on a three legged stool.

ASSURANCE (of Protection)

A stands for ASSURANCE, as the second letter in the C.A.R. acronym.

Before you get into your car, don’t you want assurance that you are protected and safe? Doesn’t your car have mechanisms to ASSURE your safety and protection, such as the seat belts, anti-skid brakes and air bags?

The CRP assures you of critical PROTECTION for your body with the advanced ANTI-OXIDANT product. This gives you critical protection from free radicals, which like terrorists, attack each cell in your body on an average of 10,000 times a day and are the cause of 73% of diseases and of aging itself.

A U.S. government study found that eating five servings a day of the highest rated anti-oxidant foods raised anti-oxidant levels in the blood by 13%. At a fraction of the cost, two capsules a day of this product raised anti-oxidant levels in the blood by 37%--almost triple!

Can you see why we include the Anti-Oxidants in the Plan? It is like the second leg on a three legged stool.


R stands for REGULATE as the final letter in C.A.R. acronym. For your car to run, it must have ways to REGULATE different systems. One example is the thermostat--what happens if the temperature in the engine is NOT regulated, and gets too high? How about regulating the amount of oxygen that combines with the gas? How about the voltage regulator that regulates the amount of electricity going to the battery to keep it charged up. Can you see how essential these regulating mechanisms are?

Every thing in your body NEEDS regulation, such as your heart rate, your blood pressure, your energy (making sure you have enough), blood sugar levels, temperature, your brain, appetite and the pressure in your eyeballs.

How does your body regulate all these things?

It uses HORMONES. You have over 70 different hormones. They are all essential, and they regulate every function in every cell and every organ. They are like chemical messengers. Whether it is your appetite, your sex drive, detoxification, nutrient absorption, emotions—everything is regulated by hormones.

The problem is that we are no longer getting enough of the raw materials (phytosterols) in our foods to make enough hormones. We only get 1-2 mg. a day of these raw materials, but your body really needs 50-75 mg. per day.

The unique phytosterol product in this program that supports the body's ability to REGULATE itself is a phenomenal product. This powerful product provides your body with the raw materials (75 mg of phytosterols) so that it can easily make whatever hormone you need in the exact amount you need, and when you need it. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Everyone loves it!

Want to know what to expect when you use this phytosterol product? You can expect a distinct sense of well being, less stress and more energy, because now all your organs can work in harmony, like all the instruments of an orchestra playing the same music in the same key in perfect harmony. Can you see why PLUS is included in this program? It’s like the third leg on the stool.

So what nutrients are most critical for you?


The nutrients that are MOST important for you are the ones that are most MISSING. The most critical missing nutrients are the ones that enable your cells and organs to Communicate, have Assurance of protection, and Regulate every function. Those critical missing nutrients are the ones that this Plan gives your body.


How important is it to your health and longevity to provide your body what it needs so that it can communicate, protect and regulate itself? I’d give it a ten—how about you?

Where are you going to live when your body wears out? What would it mean to lose your health, or to lose ten years off your normal life span? Who in your family would be affected?

Why take a chance? Remember what will happen if critical needs go unmet? Weakness, sickness and death.

What happens if you do not fix your brakes when they need to be repaired? You KNOW that in the long run, it will cost you far more to NOT spend the money to get your brakes fixed. Right?

Don’t you feel that you deserve good health?

But it is your choice, and you don’t have to. But why not take advantage of this amazing technology? Too much is at stake to ignore it!

If you value your health, wouldn’t it be rather inconsistent to NOT use this new technology?

Diana, don’t you think that you and your family DESERVE to have excellent health? Can you see that if you are too casual about this, that you will become a casualty?

This information is worthless if you do not use it, or, it can change your life and the lives of the people on your top ten list. This is not a thing to think about or analyze—it is something to take advantage of. It works, and it will work for you, if you use it.

One last thing— look at the picture of a block of ice. Think of your current or potential health problem as a big block of sub-zero ice. Write the name of your health problem on it. Now, see yourself dropping that block of ice into a tub of hot water.

What’s the chance of it melting, approximately? 100%! Same thing in your body—when you have a health problem, and you get all the critical nutrients you NEED, it is like dropping that big hunk of ice into a tub of hot water—it just melts. It has to, doesn’t it?

Does this make sense to you? Is there any reason you would not want to use this technology right away to protect and enrich your health?

The Cellular Health Plan formulas introduce cutting-edge technology in 4 key health areas that the body requires for optimal health and longevity.

These "building blocks" include: nutrients to enhance communication for all cells in the body, protector nutrients for the immune system; hormonal support nutrients for the endocrine system; and food-based, balanced vitamin/mineral nutrition.

This "systems" approach to health strengthens the "terrain" or internal environment of the body, so that the body can properly regulate itself. This is a foundational approach to health, to support the body with the nutrients that are missing from our modern food supply. This wellness approach contrasts with the conventional medical "symptom/cure" model of health treatment.



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