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The wellness industry is on the verge of changing our lives as much as the automobile and the personal computer industries did. Learn how to reap the health benefits of this pervasive and eternal industry.

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The articles and presentations within this website are about you. More specifically they are about your health and what you can do to improve and maintain it. In a changing world stricken with disease the wellness revolution is fast and coming.

The wellness revolution is helping you to bring your health back into balance while empowering you to reach and maintain optimal health, not only for yourself but also for your family.

To have endless energy and to feel good, to feel vibrant where you want to get up and lift weights or go for a walk that is what we are talking about with wellness.

People all around the world, especially modern industrialized nations such as the United States, Canada, and Australia are becoming more proactive about their health. Its not that you haven’t been concerned about your health before, its just that now more then ever record numbers of people are searching for more preventative solutions to healthcare.

Baby boomers are leading the way, they not only want to be healthy they


want to look younger, feel younger and continue to be active in their retirement years without several visits to doctors and without the aid of various drug therapies. The primary approach to healthcare has been allopathic for the last century in Westernized civilizations. The focal point for this method has been the use of synthetic drugs, radiation, and surgery that are all aimed at relieving specific symptoms or conditions. Some call that cut burn and poison.

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An example of an average 63-year-old male within our current allopathic medical treatment:

A 63 year old male who has received a total knee prosthesis for degenerative arthritis from which he has suffered for eight to ten years. The average patient of this description is overweight, chronically sedentary, on medications for at least two other "medical problems" (hypertension and hyperacidity, for instance), and profoundly de-conditioned. Nevertheless, he has seen a doctor regularly all this time for follow-up tests, medication adjustments, and periodic examinations. A complete battery of preoperative tests would have been ordered.

However people in the Eastern hemisphere have focused on a more holistic approach. The health professionals take a different approach where they prescribe herbal remedies, natural therapies and treatments like acupuncture as the first initiative to correcting health issues.

We are not discussing which of these two approaches are superior each has its strengths and drawbacks. Western Nations such as the USA have much better results in trauma and emergency care while Eastern nations generally have a better track record with long-term chronic illness and disease management.

Today the focus of the wellness revolution is all about proactive wellness. Think about it for a moment. Look at it this way, more and more people are realizing that they are losing the battle on their health. Why? Because they are buying into a philosophy that doesn’t work!

Disease rates are increasing at an alarming rate; it is time to take responsibility for your health.

What if there is a third option not focused at treating a symptom of a disease?

What if you can proactively pursue wellness, so you don’t get sick in the first place?

Let’s focus on this topic – optimal health and the prevention of disease. By design the human body tends towards health by default. That’s what homeostasis is. Homeostasis is defined as an optimal balance of

mental and physical well being. When the body loses its normal homeostasis, adverse symptoms appear. Symptoms are not the cause of health problems, but rather an expression of the body's efforts to defend its weakest areas and bring the body back into balance.

All the power of health and healing is built into your body. The only thing is this, your body requires specific essential nutrients through food, exercise, sufficient sleep, pure clean water and a relatively stress free lifestyle.

What would it mean to you, to learn the ‘insider information’ on how your body functions…what harms you…what ages you and what to do to prevent things like degenerative diseases…

Modern medicine has accomplished some amazing advances and there are many people alive today because of it. We have come a long way, but there are still problems. This system is having people sacrifice by treating a symptom with a drug that results in another side effect.

For long term health maintenance you need the right fuel so your body can do what it is designed to do; Defend, protect, nourish, communicate, repair and regulate.

Hippocrates said it best “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”
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However, fast paced lifestyles, stresses, toxins, mass processing, and fertilizers, nutrient depleted soils of the 21st century have made it next to impossible for our bodies to thrive with optimal wellness as they once did.

Today we buy food that is prepared, that is prepared, served and eaten in a rush. Often purchasing fast food with low nutritional value in order to get the kids to their activities. Time and again they are proving that our current food supplies, the foods we know to be healthy are deficient in essential nutrients we require.

There are toxins, pesticides (90% of Americans have pesticides), herbicides, air quality issues, contaminated water supplies that are affecting the health of each and every person. Which in turn significantly increase the amount of free radicals your body now has to deal with.

Every day there seems to be something in the news, some scare about the latest outbreak, the latest antibiotic resistant disease or kids at younger ages riddled with various debilitating disease conditions. There are now at least 87 known autoimmune disorders.

We are losing the battle on several fronts: cancer, viral infections, bacterial infections, degenerative arthritis, osteoporosis, and vascular disease, to name a few. They are all increasing not regressing; we are not finding solutions to these series health issues.

Once Again lets focus on the Wellness Revolution

Wellness is about having abundant energy and vibrancy. Where you feel, look and act young.

We are going to share with you in simple terms throughout the pages in this website, what the world’s leading health authorities are realizing about diseases…what causes them…what is most effective in eliminating them…and how to prevent your own body from getting sick?

And…YOU don’t have to be a scientist to understand it all!

Your key to optimal health and Wellness



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