The Nugent Toxin Report

Presented by Dr. Steve Nugent

Dr. Steve Nugent practiced as a Naturopathic physician in Detroit Michigan for 22 years. His excellent clinic was nicknamed the Last Chance Clinic.

His reputation drew patients from miles away, who often arrived after their own physicians had given up hope. While no clinic has a 100% cure rate, many of Dr. Nugent's patients entered on gurneys and exited on foot. Having been the past President of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), Dr. Nugent is now the Medical Director of Complementary Medicine at one of the worlds leading nutraceutical research and development facilities.

Nutraceuticals---natural and safe supplements that have scientifically demonstrable effects on the human body. Dr. Nugent has tested thousands of natural products in his clinic over the years. One of his patients introduced him to the glyconutrient complex. He was so impressed that after presenting the evidence to the ANMA, they awarded to the creators this complex; Drs. Bill McAnalley and Reg McDaniel, the "Outstanding Achievement in Biochemistry Award of the Year" in 1996. They would have been given the award of the Century, had such an award existed.

The story outlined below may be


frightening, but Dr. Nugent wants youto know that there is hope nonetheless. We live in extraordinary times, but there is now extraordinary help available. Read on.

Global Toxins

Without exception, every North American now has in his or her tissues 300-500 known toxins that were not in existence before 1940. So, where has all the poison come from? Shortages of natural materials during WWII prompted the creation of synthetic chemicals. For example, scientists developed nylon when they ran out of silk for parachutes. Natural rubber ran in short supply, so they developed synthetic rubber. A shortage of butter produced oleomargarine. Plastics were developed during this time period. Since those early years, the chemical revolution has continued. The scientist often becomes excited about what he can do with his chemicals, without considering the long-term affects the chemicals may have on one's quality of life or the environment.

They ask, "can I; rather than should I". As a result...

Toxins are everywhere. The problem is not confined to North America, although the studies have been done in the USA and Canada. Because of the nature of wind, rain and weather, we know that the entire planet is surrounded with toxins. Almost every known toxin and farm pesticide on the planet can be found in places as remote as the North Pole. Scientists doing studies there drilled through the polar ice cap, sank a camera through the pole, and found nearly a foot of brownish greenish goop that, similar to many industrial chemicals, refused to freeze. Contained in the muck were DDT, dioxin, and PCB's as well as hundreds of other chemicals. Ours is a closed eco-system....which we cannot escape.

The studies identify up to 500 toxins. It should be known that the instruments were calibrated for up to a maximum of 500 toxins. These tests are quite expensive. If they had been calibrated for more, it is certain that they would have found more.

Farmers who handle pesticides without using masks, protective clothing or washing their hands become very sick with undiagnosable 'syndromes.' Visits to multiple physicians and/or clinics, including the Mayo Clinic can prove fruitless and frustrating. However, routine blood tests reveal a pattern of toxicity to those physicians alert to the clues. A diagnosis of toxicity can be definitively made by toxicology tests, after which monitored detoxification and nutritional support is indicated.

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The Environmental Connection

The following demonstrate an eerie and uncanny relationship between illness and death and our environment:

1. Highest rate of death per 100,000 people from any cause.

2. All cancers: Total mortality rate in deaths per 100,000. The entire Northwest quadrant of Nevada boasts the highest rates of thyroid cancer worldwide, due to residual radiation from atomic test detonations done in the 1940s. Radiation does not go away until the very long half-life has expired.

3. Industrial Air Emissions-Suspected Carcinogens (Tons per year). We are exposed to small but cumulative amounts, and these amounts are added to storage in our fat cells.

4. Industrial Air Emissions-Hazardous Chemicals (Tons per year). These are the chemicals that 'only' cause fatigue, asthma, allergies, etc. Most of these are completely transparent. We recognize the brown dome over LA when we approach LAX from the air. However, these chemicals are invisible and are present globally, even in pristine blue skies.

5. Cancer mortality (represented in red) and Suspected Carcinogens (blue). Their overlay was illustrated in purple, a close to total overlay.

6. Total mortality, Industrial Air Emissions and Suspected carcinogens overlaid. Again, lots of purple. The pressure against our health is growing.

7. Hazardous (nuclear) waste is mixed into crop fertilizers in the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia and Wyoming. The idea is to diffuse it over many miles in such small quantities as to be completely harmless, say the proponents of this policy. However, radiation does not go away until its half-life has expired. Additionally, radiation exposure is cumulative. Little amounts will eventually have serious effects on health. Little amounts placed on the fields every year are adding up.

***Leukemia is induced by radiation

***California is the largest producer of produce for the entire USA

***Oklahoma is experiencing a high rate and regularity of mutations in animals

Toxins in Your Home

Toxin Histogram

Measurable levels of toxins are 5 times higher in our homes than they are outdoors. The February 1998 issue of Scientific American stated that indoor toxins are 3-5 times more dangerous than those found outdoors. If you can't pronounce it, you probably shouldn't be putting it into or next to your body. Some sources of indoor toxins:

- Dry cleaning fluid (do you ventilate your closets?)-causes cancer in lab animals.

- Mothballs and moth crystals-contain paradichlorobenzene, which causes cancer in lab animals. Ever wonder why a moth won't go near mothballs? They are poisonous! Use cedar instead, which is natural and effective.

- Toilet bowl cleaners or deodorizers contain the same poison as mothballs. Do we really need blue toilet water? - Dry ink toners: copy machines, faxes, laser printers. When heated, dry toners release formaldehyde and styrene gas into the air. Exposure can cause cancer and induce asthma, allergies and fatigue. Those who sag against the office water cooler at the end of the day feeling exhausted and drained may have had a hard day. Or, they could have experienced an overexposure to their office equipment!

- Glues for wallpaper and countertops.

- Toxins in your shower: chloroform gas forms by heating chlorinated water.

- Pesticides tracked into and trapped in carpets. Levels of pesticides outside are typically measured at around 10 nanograms/cubic meter. Indoors they are about 240 nanograms/cubic meters!! Pesticides are slightly sticky. If the pile on your carpet is high, it traps and stores more poison. Scientists found minimal trapping of poisons in those homes with very low pile, linoleum or wood floors.

- Of 178 homes tested, all had 8 pesticides and 11 other poisons in the carpet. Lead and aluminum were also found. Most of this is tracked into the house on shoes/feet. Simply placing a carpet outside, or taking one's shoes off at the front door dropped the exposure factor by a level of 6.

- Levels were high enough in all 178 homes to trigger a federal investigation, had they been federally funded sites.

- Infants get up to 100 milligrams of personal toxic dust from carpets daily. This is five times higher than what they pick up from outdoors. At the same time, we are seeing an appalling rise in childhood diseases.

- DDT has been illegal in the USA and Canada for the last 25+ years. However, the law neglected to make it illegal to make DDT. The USA is its chief manufacturer and we sell it to nearly every country in the world. We then purchase fruits and vegetables from countries where it is perfectly legal to spray it, hmmmmm..... Another study found that 90 of 362 homes tested positive for DDT indoors.

ORGANIC: The legal definition of organic is: Something composed, at least in part, of carbon molecules. This includes anything that is alive or was once alive. Under the legal definition, your leather pumps or wingtips qualify as organic. Organic does not necessarily mean clean or nutritious. Except in California, it is legal to spray with the most dangerous pesticides and still call the produce organic. California stipulates only that the pesticides found must not have been placed there 'on purpose.'

Toxins in Your Tap Water

It is estimated that 90% of all pharmaceutical drugs ingested are not metabolized, and leave the body in urine or feces.
Pharmaceutical drugs are now showing up in our tap and ground water!!! The first drug was found by accident. Scientists doing their routine tap water tests for pesticides in Berlin, Germany, found Clofibric Acid, a cholesterol-lowering drug. The instruments that found it were calibrated to identify pesticides!! The scientists did not recognize the pattern, so they took it to a toxicology lab, which readily identified it. Many other drugs have since been found in our wells and ground water:

--Lipid lowering drugs


--Chemotherapeutic drugs


--Hormones --Just to name a few

A summary article on 100 cities found identical results (Chemosphere, January1998).

Antibiotics: Stuart Levy, Director of the Center for Adaptation Genetics and Drug Resistance at Tufts University in Boston, MA, states: "Our concentration of antibiotics is 1000 times higher than in Germany, high enough to affect the growth of E-Coli. This may be causing the bacteria to become medication resistant." E-Coli has been discovered in the drinking water of some major and minor US cities.

Estrogen: Shane Snyder of Michigan State University found enough estrogen (mostly from birth control pills) in Lake Mead to cause male fish to produce female egg protein, and to attempt to lay eggs that they were not equipped to lay. Disbelieving the results, Mr. Snyder repeated his tests 30 times.

~Acceptable levels of chemicals and pollutants are a lot lower than you have been told. High acceptable levels are allowed because no one knows how to solve the problem.

"The amount of estrogen needed to feminize a human embryo, essentially turning a baby boy into a baby girl, is the same ratio as one drop of gin in 700 railway cars of tonic water."Orlando Sentinel 2/98

~ Breast reduction surgery is at a peak in teenage and young adult females.

~ Male fertility has significantly decreased in the last 20 years.

No filtering system on the market today removes pharmaceutical drugs from drinking water--none!!!

Climbing Health Statistics

ALL degenerative diseases are on the rise. Disease is regularly occurring at younger ages. Infants and children are contracting catastrophic illnesses at increasing rates. In the last 20 years, in spite of billions of dollars spent on research, cancer has moved from the number 8 killer of Americans to the number 2 killer. In 1900, 5% of the US population died of heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Today, 95% of us will die from any combination of these causes. Do we really want to just keep doing what 95% of us are doing?



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