Science and Nutrition

We are able to put a man on the moon, create precision flying machines, build amazing architectural structures yet science seems to be losing the battle of disease.

Science and Disease
"Hot off the Press"

Business Week Magazine's article "Medical Guesswork: From heart surgery to prostate care" reveals that the "health industry " knows little about which common treatments really work. It's a fascinating article that should lead ALL of us to become proactive about our health and well being. Today what we call alternative health care or alternative treatments should be your major priority in pursuit of optimal health and wellness. This article highlights well-hidden truths behind our health care crisis today!

Key quote "Is medicine doing any better today? In recognizing the problem, yes. But in solving it, unfortunately, no."

Among the salient points made by this article is that except for 3% of heart disease patients, surgery--angioplasty and bypass--is no better than medical treatment at saving/extending life.
Some experts believe that as many cancers would be detected through random biopsies. Then, once cancer is spotted, there's no way to know who needs treatment and who doesn't.

Medical Guesswork; From heart surgery to prostate care

The current situation that healthcare is providing is focused on the treatment of a symptom and that you can achieve a quality of life though pharmaceutical drugs, and not on true science (or should we say) nutritional science.

There are particular pharmaceutical applications that are beneficial to specific disease processes.

However this current paradigm concept that you are led to believe that running through the fields and living a quality of life by taking drugs is really not working. You have to get the notion out of your mind that you can live a quality of life by just drugging yourself into optimal health. It just doesn’t make sense!

The responsibility we have is first of all to find the scientific discoveries that have been provided in nature for every human body to function appropriately. The responsibility we have is first of all to find the scientific discoveries that have been provided in nature for every human body to function appropriately.

The miracle of the whole health care system is the potential for the human body to heal itself. There has never been a drug or a medical device or anything that has ever been close to what the human body has the capacity to do by itself if it’s supported appropriately.

Some have predicted that whereas the 20th century was dominated by advances in chemistry and physics, the 21st century will be dominated by advances in biotechnology.

Biotechnology can be interpreted in many ways, it is defined as any technique that uses living organisms, or parts of organisms, to make or modify products, improve plants or animals, or to develop micro-organisms for specific uses.

You can not buy the ability for someone to be able to come home and pick up their children because they are out of pain and they are not drugged into a stupor and all the kinds of things that people have to put up with today just to live to get by.

By finding the scientific solutions through the modality that supports the human body’s ability to defend repair and protect itself is where a true health and wellness will be found.

Eating well To Live Better

Eat well for the systems in your body

Learning about the relationship between nutrition, health and fitness have become top priorities for most people in westernized civilizations.

New knowledge in human nutrition and food science through research and development today is resulting in new technologies that will provide the base line of essential nutrients for people in today's world to improve health and vitality.

Nutritional Research is an emerging scientific area, investigating the relationships between diet and health, disease, or metabolism. Nutrient analysis, chemoprevention, bioavailability, and nutrient interactions are all part of Nutrition Research.

Within the various pages in this website you will come to understand that nutrition research products include biochemical’s commonly found in dietary supplements, components used in topical preparations, vitamins, lipids, minerals, carbohydrates, and amino acids, are vital to your health and well being.

Disease education is designed to help you identify plant chemicals and specific micronutrients that are required for optimal health and provide education on which compounds found in specific plant species are best for your health.

The science world, not the medical world is really pointing towards looking very deep into the body at the cellular level. When you look at that level you start to see that if a person is ever going to change their health, they have to look at the smallest unit of their body.

That is where both the wellness and the disease process begin at the cellular level.

Four of the leading causes of death in the U.S. are linked to diet
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • diabetes

Did you know that these conditions cost society about $250 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity in the United States.

Experts believe that an active lifestyle and healthy diet could prevent 30-40% of deaths due to cancer.

Reference: Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion;. Q and A's on dietary guidelines for Americans, 2000. US Food and Drug Administration, 2000 Jun 3

Only 3 percent of all individuals meet four of the five recommendations for the intake of grains, fruits, vegetables, milk products, and meat and bean food groups. Review the rest of the story at

Not only are people not eating right, we are processing the essential nutrients we require for optimal health out of our food chain.

Those nutrients that are left are reduced once again with our cooking techniques.

Normal cells perform many functions essential to maintaining good health. They must be able to take in good nutrition and eliminate waste or toxins. Normal cells must defend themselves from bacteria, fungi, viruses and free radicals and repair the damage done by them.

In addition cells must work together as a team, communicating with other cells to obtain optimal immune system and organ function.

Research has already proven our cells need certain essential nutrients:
  • 26 vitamins
  • 72 trace minerals
  • fatty acids
  • amino acids

Since our bodies don’t produce these we must get them from our diet.

There is a new emerging field of essential nutrients called glycobiology the study of plant based sugar molecules. To understand specific details about this newly developing breakthrough research review the page called glyconutrients.

As Professor Paul Zane Pilzer stated in his eye opening publication called “The Wellness Revolution”

“The current healthcare (sickness business) is reactive; despite its enormous size, people only become customers when they are stricken by and react to a specific condition or ailment.”

No one really wants to become a customer of our current health care!

The wellness business is proactive – people voluntarily become customers; partly to feel healthier and partly to avoid becoming customers of the sickness business.

Everyone wants to be a customer of wellness!

What are some of the changes in the marketplace of scientific nutrition research?

This is what is right before our eyes, this is what is changing. There has long been an association of hype and no validation in the dietary supplement industry. People often referred to it as snake oil, or hype well today with the emergence of the wellness industry things are changing.

Companies researching, promoting and selling nutritional supplementation will have to conform to new regulatory laws within the countries that the products are being marketed in.

The changing marketplace includes in the health and wellness field of dietary supplements:

  • GMP’s (good manufacturing practices)
    • There are two things about GMP’s
    • You have to prove it is there
    • You have to prove it is in an efficacious dose
  • Assays what is an effective substance
  • Validation – does the product contain it
  • Solid scientific research with specific studies that prove health benefits
  • Standardization – does each capsule, teaspoon have the same amount of active ingredient
  • Stabilization – are the active components stable throughout the life of the product
  • Non toxic – meaning no side effects

Companies must be able to substantiate and validate that their products work, they must be held accountable. This is what science in the marketplace of the wellness industry is bringing people.

The evolution of health care is changing and is being driven by demand. Science is going to be required to make a marketing claim on products in the wellness industry. This will lead to a term called evidence based claims.

Prevention is the best strategy

Supplements are not intended to treat disease but rather to supplement the diet, generally to supply the nutrients that you are not getting in your diet for various reasons. And by supplementing your diet with essential nutrients required by your body and your bodies systems to function at an optimal level with the intent and understanding that health will be improved.

Let’s analyze drug and dietary supplements.

Chemicals can be "good" as the essential building blocks of life, or "bad", if they are poisons or substances that are toxic to the body.

Dietary supplements by nature are composed of chemicals, and drugs are chemicals or mixtures of chemicals.

Dietary supplements are natural, food-based products that are intended to replace something expected, but missing, from the food chain.

They are used primarily to improve health, rather than to treat disease. Some supplements, such as herbals, may contain low quantities of drugs or potential drug substances. Drugs are usually synthetically-derived pure chemicals or mixtures of chemicals that are intended to address a disease condition.

Supplements are not intended to treat disease but rather to supplement the diet, generally to supply additional nutrients with the intent and understanding that health may be improved.

The true source of “essential to life molecules” can only be proven through science and can only be found in the form of nutrition. When our bodies get so far out of balance then the disease process begins, pharmacologists develop synthetic drugs to treat disease conditions.

Your fist line of defence should always be the restoration of essential nutrients through food sources and nutritional supplements that are supported by science and validation to achieve desired health without potential adverse reactions to synthetic drugs.

Optimize your health with essential nutrients your body requires to maintain health and vitality.




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