Each is associated with a bodily system that is not functioning properly. You can transform your health, reverse chronic disease and free yourself from pharmaceuticals by supporting your bodies systems with essential nutrition your body requires to maintain optimal health! Disease is never caused by bad luck alone, it's a case of cause and effect, and by providing your body the right tools it can virtually heal, repair, regenerate and restore optimal health.

Most modern diseases are actually a result of nutritional deficiencies that can be easily corrected. When you consume vitamin C, your body converts and utilizes the nutrient for many functions. It just happens to be the essential vitamin you require to prevent the devastating disease called scurvy.

“Wow what a miracle!” But it’s no miracle. Through history science and research have uncovered essential micronutrients we call vitamins that you must have or you will develop a disease, not if but rather when.

Vitamin C is not a wonder drug that


cures you. It is an essential micronutrient that you must have. Those who do not have it will develop Scurvy. The very same approach to pellagra and beriberi were all but eradicated by enriching people’s diet with essential nutrients that were deficient in the foods that we ate. Today no one dies from those diseases because we have corrected the problem. People are not taking symptomatic pharmaceutical treatments for these disorders.

As little as two decades ago, those seeking medical treatments in western civilizations using herbs, homeopathy, detoxification, vitamins and minerals would have a hard time locating a general practitioner who would even discuss these types of treatments.

A term given this non-drug approach is called “Alternative medicine”

Only a handful of medical doctors would have anything to do with or offer any advice in the alternative medicine field.

In 20 years there has been a dramatic shift and people are demanding the movement towards health and wellness, focusing on preventing disease instead of treating the disease symptoms.

This is not an overnight shift, it takes time. Medical professionals now recognize that supplementing our diet with vitamins is not simply a choice; it is essential to good health and disease prevention.

New Food Pyramid

Source: Scientific American - SCIAM.com Jan.2003
HARVARD Medical School of Public Health
Professors: Walter C. Willett & Meir J. Stampfer

Ddisease conditions and health care costs rising through the roof

In the United States 61% of the people are overweight, and 27% are clinically obese, these are not even the latest statistics. Obesity has doubled since the 1970’s and continue to increase.

Even most people whom are not overweight are not healthy and they don’t even know it! Today people are accepting headaches, arthritis, asthma, allergies and thousands of other ailments as inevitable conditions that are part of aging. There appears to be a missing piece to the health and wellness puzzle…..

In our current health care paradigm we are so focused on curing disease with products and services provided reactively to people with an existing disease, ranging from a common cold to cancerous tumors. These products and services are so focused on treating symptoms or elimination of the disease.

Can we really cure a disease – can we wipe out a micro organism

Fortunately there are companies and scientists in the world who understand that we must start looking at proactive health care, where our goal is to feel better, look better, be


healthier, slow down the effects of aging and prevent disease from developing in the first place. Not only that, but like previous science has done by looking at the root cause of the problems provided answers for scurvy, beriberi and pellagra. They looked at the nutrients in our food chain and found the answer.

Today we are losing the battle with disease; we have progressed so far with the validation of essential nutrients to life through diligent science and research.

Supplements We have proven which vitamins and minerals are essential to your life. They are essential for growth, enhancing immune functions, controlling cholesterol, may reduce cancer, promote wound healing, protects against aging, prevention of heart disease, protects your heart and an incredible amount of vital to your health and life functions.
We have proven that we must have essential oils (fatty acids) that are essential to your health. They help provide your body with energy, insulate, support and cushion your body. They emulsify fats so they can mix with water in cells. They help your body regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and the immune response to injuries. Essential Fatty Acids
Essential Amino Acids We have proven that we must have essential proteins and amino acids. They provide energy to muscles such as your heart, balances cholesterol levels, stimulate the immune system, help to balance your brain activity, helps to remove toxins and many more functions that are too numerous to list.

Yet we are still sick.

The question that you have to ask is can a pharmaceutical drug replace the function of essential nutrients that you must have in your diet to sustain life?

You know the answer is NO.

This is why scientists are researching this new emerging field called glycobiology.

The answer for our true wellness is once again found in the form of micronutrients called glyconutrients or essential carbohydrates in a new emerging field called glycobiology.

Up until recently nutritional science has focused on vitamins & minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

The Four Essential Nutrients

Your body is the miracle and supporting your bodies systems is essential to your health. If you are missing essential elements to support health, then your body can not perform the entire miracle of good health. Then disease can set in.

Once again your answer to optimal health and vitality are within the nutrients produced from plants in our food chain.

Everything human beings need to sustain health is provided by God in nature and it is the job of science to go find it.

Glycobiology is the study of the structure and function of carbohydrate or sugar ("glyco") molecules in the body. Sugars were long believed to be useful only as fuel for energy. However, in the last decade, science has solidly established that certain sugars are key to the healthy functioning of the entire body. Research into the biochemical effects of saccharide molecules has, consequently, become a huge and exploding field worldwide.

To help you better understand the significance of glyconutrients and why these nutrients are essential to your health and wellbeing please review this short video presentation by a Medical Doctor. Glyconutrient educational video

There are over 40,000 published articles validating this new emerging field of nutritional science called glycobiology.



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